Storymoja publishers is a creative Kenyan publishing company with a wide variety of authentic African children storybooks. We publish curriculum books, career resources and revision books. We also publish exciting local content, enhance access to books and promote reading in an effort to nurture a generation of lifelong readers. Most importantly, Storymoja’s vision is to get a book in every hand. Besides this, our responsiveness to emerging issues informs our partnerships. In the wake of 2007/8 post election violence in Kenya, our collaboration with the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) yielded ‘Attack of the Shidas’. This is a story about inter-ethnic conflict and the basis of a series of events for children across the country promoting peaceful … Read more

This is how we do it

Children Empowerment

Enhancing access to books and bringing books to life through various art forms and experiential reading promotions.

Career Empowerment

Content development, capacity building & mentorship platform

The Arts

Providing platforms for talent showcase. Networking and training opportunities for writers & other artists

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