A book in every hand

We imagine the Storymoja Hay Festival as a celebration of great, new, ambitious, audacious and inspiring ideas manifested in literature, art, theatre, technology, politics, education, social activism, environment, and pretty much every field that affects our lives. Ideagasms are sessions where we put our minds to work, thinking, visualising, imagining... before and after the SMHayFest.

Our Reading Ambassador network is dynamic and constantly growing and you can be a part of it. By becoming a Reading Ambassador you will be expected to endorse our message and spread the spirit of our message: “Reading is cool” . Spread the word through your networks of family and friends.

DrumBeats Romance invites East Africans to tell their own love stories. DrumBeats are passionate, sexy love stories from East Africa. They bring to life our very own memorable heroines and heroes, who face varying conflicts on their romantic journeys but ultimately love conquers all.