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We accept (for review) unsolicited manuscript submissions targeting various audiences in the East African region including material for children as well as adult readers. Please check out our published list to familiarize yourself with the kind of manuscripts we prefer.

SUBMISSION: We only accept typed manuscripts which should be in Times New Roman font size 12 double spaced Ms Word or PDF document. The work must be original and not plagiarized from secondary sources. A brief of the author background should be included in the mail.

Young adult fiction and non-fiction that modern teens want to read.

  • Protagonist /lead character must be between 13 – 17 years.
  • Length must not be less than 10,000 words and not more than 50,000 words
  • Particularly interested in these fiction genres – detective, Sci-Fi and fantasy series, and rite-of-passage stories inspired by real life.
  • Particularly interested in creative non-fiction that covers careers, teen psychology, life skills and popular science. Must be entertaining, clear and easy to understand.

Fiction and non-fiction for children 10-13 years that modern children want to read.

  • Protagonist /lead character must be between 10- 14 years.
  • Length must not be less than 6,000 words and not more than 30,000 words.
  • Particularly interested in fiction genres – adventure (e.g. Moses series), mystery, detective, Sci-Fi, modern re-telling of African myths and animal tales e.t.c.
  • Particularly interested in creative non-fiction that covers biographies of heroic Africans, wildlife, life skills, critical thinking and popular science. Must be fun, clear and age-appropriate.


Our publishing process is based on the standard international model and works like this:

  1. We fall in love with your manuscript (MSS) – if not, we give you a brief reader’s review and reject the MSS.
  2. If yes, we invite you to sign an author’s contract with us that entitles you to 10% net royalties
  3. At our cost, we assign an editor to work with you to edit the MSS – structural, copy-editing and proof-reading.
  4. At our cost, we design the book to finished artwork.
  5. At our cost, we get the book printed.
  6. At our cost, we distribute and sell the book to bookshops nationwide, and via online distributors of physical books like the Storymoja e-store, Jumia e.t.c.
  7. At our cost, we digitize the book for e-sale via online distributors, local and international and our e-content royalties to authors are 50% net.
  8. We work with you to market/promote your book.
  9. We generate sales reports for authors and pay royalties once per year – every April.

So if you’d like Storymoja to consider your MSS for publication, please log in to the authors portal.

The author must retain a copy of the manuscript as the publisher does not bear responsibility for loss or damage.

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