Storymoja online writers’ course

Monday 20TH AUGUST– Thursday 4TH OCTOBER (4SUSS1-2018)

Online 2 hours x 2/week on Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm – 9:30pm 

  • Ksh 500/ per session. Scholarships available to those who need them.
  • Pay to Storymoja Lipa na Mpesa account till -779741, preferably 6,000/ upfront but if funds do not allow, pay 500/ x 14 weeks = 7,000/ in total
  • Writers to develop circa 5k word polished story for one-off payment of 10k if it is accepted by Storymoja for publication (less any scholarship monies).

Writers must successfully complete this basic course to participate in the intermediate writing course.


  • Online course  run on
  • Writers to join google group

Administrators – registration, payments etc.

Course Outline

First Pillar: Narrative Description

  • Genres and YA readings, and 4 pillar approach
  • Role of stories /themes
  • Practice scenarios
  • Point of View
  • Painting with words – 7 tools overview


Second Pillar: Inner Journey

  • Teen Psychology
  • Practice scenarios
  • Characters
  • Flawed thinking
  • Back stories
  • Transformation

Third Pillar: Outer Journey

Painting the Social Context

  • Impact on YA stories
    • topics
    • sensitivities
    • author responsibility
  • Story ideas and Practise scenarios
  • Story Goal
  • Inciting Incident


Fourth Pillar: Editing and Publishing

  • Structure/Maintain the Chain
    • sequencing,
    • causal progression,
    • complications as consequences of flawed thinking
    • keeping promises
  • Course Recap
  • Constructive criticism
  • Substantive editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting for submission


Intake ongoing

Why you should sign up

‘Without actively thinking about it I’ve noticed I’m applying the tools learnt on the course and restructuring and removing a lot of unnecessary meat in my older projects.’  

Farrah Bhaijee former student

‘I’m impressed by Muthoni’s way of demystifying the most complex elements about writing, breaking them down into crumb-like bits which are easy to chew.’

Abu Amirah former student

‘I had thought it would be very theoretical and perhaps classroom-like, but Muthoni made it very practical and gave us lots of little lessons that we would do via chat…’ 

Naomi Wangombe former student