Guys can keep up!

This is for the Guys out there. I feel you, its Valentine’s and you have no clue what to buy on “Valentine”. Your girl has been watching romance movies all week and her expectations for you are getting higher and higher. Not to mention she has heard how her best friend is getting something special and you know they are going to compare.

We are going to arm you with one gift that might just save every valentines. You want her to have a gift that shows how romantic you are. Well, why don’t you try a romantic book? You see it will last about a week to a month to complete and the steamy passages will get her going. Then every time she thinks of that book, she will think of you. In addition, maybe you can set up a date around the book. All you need to buy is the book, a rose, some food, drinks and a few candles. Take the food home, light a few candles, and set up the dinner table. After you eat begin to read to her so that when things get interesting in the book you can both can enjoy and discuss what is happening.  Dirty the book the more spicy the date will be and you will thank that book.

Here is the best thing, there are many books of different lengths so you could get a small book for a short date or a long book if you want a series of dates to finish the book together. You could also have a romantic instrumental playlist in the background to set the mood. This type of date would be interesting and she will be talking about it for years to come.

Oh, Do you have kids? The worst thing you can do is give mom a gift and see their eyes look at like the world is unfair. Where is there gift? The good thing about books is there are books for all ages and genre’s so you can get mom to read them a bedtime story as you prepare the date night. So this valentines might be very memorable. Have fun and she will too.

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