Why KNOW MORE? Discover KICD Approved Series

The new curriculum is a blessing for learners everywhere. It is learner-centered and adaptive to the changing needs of students, teachers and society. It implies that learning activities and environments are chosen so that learners can acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to situations they encounter in everyday life. The new curriculum focuses on seven key competencies, namely communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, citizenship, digital literacy, learning to learn and self-efficacy.

The Know More series are our new curriculum KICD-approved titles for PP1&2 and Grade 1-3. Each of the titles have been written in conformity with the new competency-based curriculum design to assist learners to carry out the various interactive learning activities, while also helping teachers to effectively deliver the content.

Psychomotor Activities refer to physical skills, such as movement, and actions that demonstrate fine motor skills, such as use of instruments.
Our Psychomotor Activities Teacher’s Guide Pre-primary 1 & 2 course books are the best resources to teach and will assist teachers to effectively guide learners to carry out all the learning experience and activities suggested in the curriculum design for this level. They contain easy-to-understand procedures for all learning activities to develop the learner’s talents and skills. The books also have additional exercises with guidance on how to use locally available materials as learning resources.

The Know More Movement and Creative Activities (Art and Craft) Teacher’s Guide Grade 1 contains enjoyable creative activities designed to help learners acquire and develop skills and talents that will greatly help them in life. Every strand had been covered in the book, with extra activities and illustrations in the appendices to help learners understand the various concepts better.  

With the carefully selected learner-centered exercises contained in the Know More Hygiene and Nutrition Activities Learner’s Coursebook for Grade 1&2, the learner is able to participate fully in the learning process. The books also contain clear and detailed illustrations to help the learners understand the concepts taught.

The Know More Hygiene and Nutrition Activities Teacher’s Guide for Grade 1&2 gives teachers detailed information about the subject and also gives them ideas on how to help the children learn. It also contains insights on how to teach learners with special needs.





Our Know More CRE Activities Learner’s Coursebook Grade 2 contains exercises and hands-on learning activities that are designed to help learners to develop positive social and moral values. The book also comes with sufficient spaces for drawing, writing and coloring.

Teachers have also not been left behind! The Know More CRE Activities Teacher’s Guide Grade 2 provides teachers with observation checklists that help them to effectively grade the pupils. It also contains additional questions for gifted learners.

Every child should learn about the environment and how to take care of it, and what better way to do that than with the Know More Environmental Activities Learner’s Coursebook Grade 1? This book contains practical activities that help the learner to learn more about being responsible at home and at school. The questions asked in the book encourage the learner to think critically and come up with creative solutions. 

This book also comes with the Know More Environmental Activities Teacher’s Guide Grade 1. Apart from providing teachers with background knowledge on all the sub-strands, it contains web links to educational sites and videos that the teacher can use to help children learn the subject matter in different ways.

By Maureen Wambui

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