Martin seems to think he knows how. I say, okay, let’s read How to catch a cheating spouse, laugh, because the dude does call up the laughter, and then write How to Cheat a Catching Spouse! Anyone?

It might not be so easy, so get on a roll with the Diaries of Sienna as she goes on a Saturday Clande with a gun totting hottie.

Kariuki went on a job interview and blew it. And he says: What?! He asked me if I smoke?!

Doreen sent us right back to Obama Night. She was in the US, in a gay bar (shock!). No, she is not gay, but she will tell you why she went there. Obama Oye!

I will once again, salute high, to Daniel Muguga, the Pianist. This is getting quite scary, actually, but he is good, excellent! Then I will sign off by reminding all the Women about the Women Mentoring Women Walk, on Saturday 29th November 2008, at the Nairobi Safari Walk. For Clarifications go to